From the Purse of: Elsa

What would the Queen of Arendelle potentially have inside her purse?

We predict there would be plenty of icy blue (we firmly believe it’s her favorite color) and a few accessories that Elsa would keep on hand while she’s ruling the kingdom and hanging out with her sister, Anna.

Elsa needs a good sturdy purse that looks professional (she is the queen after all!) but matches her personality. We liked this one from Zara, because it definitely fits all of the requirements and is white with pops of light blue on the sides. Ruling a kingdom is definitely no easy task, which is why we picked out this iridescent notebook from Kate Spade, so that Elsa can jot down her thoughts during important meetings or when she’s out and about in town. And if she gets hungry throughout the day, a secretly stashed chocolate bar should do the trick.


Now we know the cold doesn’t bother her anyway, but it can get pretty bright during an Arendelle summer or even in her ice palace. A pair of sunglasses, like these ones from Vince Camuto are ideal. Elsa’s braid is part of her signature ensemble, and we thought these cute hair pins from 1928 were a good back up pair in case her snowflake ones in her hair go missing. We also think Elsa would like a pair of snowflake earrings too. To finish off her purse, we included a cute reusable water bottle as well, because between all that singing and ice palace building, Elsa definitely needs to hydrate!

What do you think would be inside Elsa’s purse? Tell us in the comments below!

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