Eight Reasons Disney Fans Will Love “Doctor Who”

Yes, you read that title correctly. Two fandoms are about to collide because as of tonight at 9pm, Disney XD will be airing Doctor Who on Saturday nights! They’ll be starting with season two of “New Who” which means the tenth doctor and Rose will be back in our living rooms on a weekly basis, and we couldn’t be happier. If that last sentence was a bit confusing, don’t fret. Even though you might not be a fan of Doctor Who yet, we guarantee that you will be as soon as you start watching. How can we make such a promise? Because dear friends, Disney and Doctor Who have a lot in common! Allow us to explain all the things in these two worlds that are alike, and why if you already love one, you’re sure to love the other:

You’re Already a Fan of Timelords Without Knowing It

Let’s break this down: A timelord is an alien who regenerates (changes their appearance) and can thus live for a lot longer that us humans. They have two hearts. But here’s the real connection: The tenth doctor is the last of his kind. He comes to Earth to help us in a time machine that’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Sound familiar? Yeah, we’re pretty sure Mary Poppins is a timelord.

In Doctor Who Talking Cats are Normal

We could list every Disney movie that features a talking cat, but that would take a while and you already know and love all of them.

The Doctor Has a Magic Wand

Okay, technically it’s a sonic screwdriver, but he points it at things in a very wand-like fashion, and magical (alien) stuff does indeed happen as a result.

Anyone Can Be a Hero on Doctor Who

Rose (the doctor’s human travel buddy) has this boyfriend, Mickey. At first all he likes to do is hang around and eat french fries. But Mickey is a diamond in the rough, guys. He reaches his full potential thanks to a great story arc and the help of his friends. Mmm hmm, pure Disney classic stuff right here.

There’s a Healthy Respect for Royalty

Chivalry isn’t dead in Disney movies or Doctor Who.

Cleverish Disguises Abound

If there’s one thing Disney characters think they’re good at (but they’re not really good at), it’s disguises. The same applies for characters on Doctor Who and hilarity often ensues.

Aliens are Our Friends

Need we remind you that Stitch is not of this world? We know we don’t. Well, the Doctor is from Gallifrey, a planet that is definitely not Earth. This makes him an alien. And if Stitch is any indication, aliens are the best.

A Plethora of Villains and Sidekicks Range from Terrifying to Ridiculous

For every Scar, there’s an Yzma. Gaston wouldn’t be Gaston without LeFou. The same goes for the villains in Doctor Who. There are the chillingly inhuman Daleks and Cybermen, but there’s also this dude. The doctor’s face says it all.

By this point we know you’re super pumped to watch Doctor Who, as you should be. And you are in luck! You can watch Doctor Who on Saturday nights, starting tonight, at 9P on Disney XD.

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