A Tribute to Those Disney Characters Who Don’t Sing

Disney characters have never been ones to shy away from the power of music. Whether it’s a princess wishing upon a well, or a snowman dreaming of summer, they know that song is the ultimate way to express themselves. This tribute is not for those characters.

This is for those characters left just off stage when the musical numbers begin. This is for those characters that whether for lack of talent, opportunity, or motivation, are left without a tune to sing. This is for those for whom even if there is a song in their hearts, that’s where it stays.

For Cogsworth
Sing Cogsworth

Not only can life can be unnerving for a servant who’s not serving, but it’s also pretty tough when that servant doesn’t even get the chance to sing about this lack of serving. Lumière takes center-dining-room-table in a musical extravaganza, and Mrs. Potts provides the melodic accompaniment to Belle and Beast’s ballroom dance, while Cogsworth is left standing on the sidelines. (Which is a shame considering he pretty much comes with a built-in metronome.)

For Bagheera
Sing Bagheera

Bagheera is the steady rock of the jungle. It was Bagheera who watched over Mowgli from infancy to when he returns to the Man Village. Yet through all of this time, Bagheera doesn’t even do so much as let out a musical purr. Meanwhile, all of the other jungle animals get a chance to express themselves to Mowgli in song and dance. This might, in fact, be the reason it takes Mowgli so long to actually take Bagheera’s sage advice to heart. Mowgli, like most man-cubs, just responds better to singing bears and monkeys than to a panther delivering monologues about the ways of the jungle.

(Technically Shere Khan also doesn’t get to sing, so there might just be something in the Law of the Jungle that cats can’t sing.)

For Maleficent
Sing Maleficent

Maleficent sure didn’t need a musical number to get the details of her evil plan across. Yet, she has such fierce stage presence that she could’ve killed a villainous anthem where she revels in her cursing abilities. Plus, she has a whole lair filled with goblins and grunts who could’ve sung back-up.

For Oliver
Sing Oliver

This is Oliver’s story (it’s right there in the movie title), yet all of the musical numbers still end up going to the dogs. Sure, Oliver might not be able to pull off a pair of sunglasses and rock out on a piano precariously balanced over NYC as well as Dodger does, but he at least deserved the chance to try.

For Meeko
Sing Meeko

Meeko might not be able to speak, and any songs would probably have ended up being food-related, but this still feels like a missed opportunity. The colors of the wind are great and all, but if you really want to show John Smith the majesty of nature, we’re pretty sure a singing raccoon would’ve done the trick.

For Flounder
Sing Flounder

As Sebastian tells us, one of the great things about living under the sea is that pretty much every single sardine, clam, bass, and blowfish has some type of musical skill. Noticeably missing from that list is Flounder. Maybe Flounder’s singing voice is lacking (especially when compared to Ariel’s) and he’s just too shy to show it off. Or maybe he’s just never had the chance. Either way, this one’s for you Flounder, and for whatever guppy-related tunes went unsung.

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