A Guide to Using Frozen Quotes in Everyday Situations

How many times has the following scenario happened to you: You’re going about your life, waiting in line for a coffee, checking up on emails, walking your pet micro pig, when all of a sudden something happens and you don’t know what to say. The moments passes, and all you can think is “I wish I had come up with a witty retort in the form of a Frozen quote that I could have used in this particular situation!” If you answered: all day every day, read on. (Read on even if that wasn’t your answer.) Frozen is more than just a movie. It’s a treasure trove of potent potables that we suggest you start carrying around in your comeback arsenal. Memorize these to always have something to say:

“Your hair … it’s turning white!”

Need to fabricate a quick exit because your aunt is visiting and she’s about to bust out the third photo album from her recent cruise? This is the quote for you.

“Go ahead. I won’t judge.”

This one is appropriate whenever you’re definitely going to secretly judge someone, but you don’t want them to know because that’s just rude.

“Didn’t your parents ever warn you about strangers?”

If anyone in a public place wants to make small talk, this will remind them that our society has rules and those rules need to be followed.

“Sometimes I really don’t like you.”

When your friend eats the last chocolate chip cookie, this is the only plausible response.

“The only frozen heart around here is yours!”

Use only if the burrito place you frequent skimps on your side order of guacamole. That, and that alone, merits this level of rage.

“I can’t feel my legs!”

If you’re sitting at an airport, waiting for a flight, but you’ve been sitting too long and your foot’s asleep, but you have to stand up and walk to the bathroom, so you do, but you kind of have to limp, use this quote. (No situation is too specific for a Frozen quote.)

“What am I looking at here?”

Not sure if that couple across from you is on a date, or just friends, or just friends who don’t realize that they’re on a date? Need to have your say? Now you can.

“The party is over.”

When you need to be alone; when you can’t handle seeing another human face for a few hours, say this before creeping backwards into the comforting darkness.

“Don’t be the monster they fear you are!”

If someone has been lingering towards the side of the line at the frozen yogurt store, and then makes his move to cut the line, say the above.

“I’ll rise like the break of dawn!”
Elsa makes icy magic

Say this to all the haters. Who are the haters, you may be asking? That bee that looks like it’s thinking about stinging you, that red light, that cat that’s giving you the evil eye. The haters.

Do you use Frozen quotes in everyday situations? Tell us which ones in the comments!

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